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Over the past 5 years, I have been working towards (among many other things) building a personal platform to share with family and friends.

During this time, many of the photos and experiences Ive captured along the way have been held hostage in order to build the anticipation and excitement for when they are shared.

However I underestimated the amount of time and energy required from this less capable aging version of myself as I have declined into a slow but sure burning out.

It has been really challenging to narrow down its focuses without loosing its core purpose, establish and build the platform plus trying to independently balance building and running two businesses all while devoting enough time to my health and all of the important relationships in my life.

For me, a proper balance in life has always been hard to find. Even when found, it was harder to keep. And though I may have found and kept balance, I was balancing the wrong things. Just because I could balance them didn’t mean I should. Sure blending work and personal interests can lead to a very rewarding life… but only if balanced properly.

For too long I have been establishing an unhealthy balance by living for the future at the expense of the present.

While I have been putting a great deal of effort into rebuilding my life to be a healthier more stabile environment, it is not always a smooth ride. During the storm I must continue to learn from my mistakes and evolve past them.

One of my biggest struggles has been an obsession for perfection. This perfectionism has affected my life in both positive and negative ways yet I let too many negative results effect my perspective leading to an unhealthy balance of priorities.

I am learning to let go of unrealistic expectations and keep my eye on the more important aspects of the here and now.

While I still feel as though I am worlds away from being ready, I am finally close to launching my personal blog, which I will do in 3 stages.

1st (March) will be the shared experiences site with friends and family in order to get the long overdue photos into your hands.
2nd (May) will be the journeys and travel site
3rd (July) will be the personal reflections and life lessons Ive learned from my many failures.

All three sites will be connected with direct ties to the positive and negative aspects of living a life behind a lens, pros and cons of travel and various other struggles in being human.

Subscribe here if you are interested

For those of you still reading, the photo is of how much content I am working through for the site.

Thank you for your patience.

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